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It’s all about the mark making. The color is from the collage underneath the paint. 11”x 8”, collage, acrylic and charcoal on wood. © 2019 David Limrite

“I have found that the key to not being blocked is to not worry about it. Ever.”

Carole King, Singer/Songwriter

Duplicating A Success

This is a trap that a lot of artists fall into. Including me. I work hard. I create painting after painting. And, I finally get one that I really like. I start the next painting with high expectations and with the hope that I can duplicate my success. I try to repeat the exact same process, from start to finish, that I just used to create the last one.

Is this so wrong?

Well… All I can say is, that for me, if I try and repeat a successful process, with high expectations of duplicating what I just created, it never, ever works, Or, rarely. The new painting is doomed from the start.

Each painting has its own journey. Its own flavor. Its own quirks. Its own subtleties.

And, each time you create a new painting, you, as the creator, have different thoughts, moods and feelings going on in your brain. You are in a different head space with each new painting.

I have discovered that for me, a successful painting is usually created with freedom. I am usually relaxed, having fun and totally into the process. And, I have no real expectation of how it will turn out. I am creating this painting from my heart.

The next painting has tons of expectation heaped upon it. I am usually nervous, timid, afraid, and too focused on outcome. This kind of a painting is created from my brain.

One of the things that helps me is to try and not duplicate the successful painting. But instead, start the next painting with the 1, 2 or 3 steps that I used to begin the successful painting. And then, let this new painting take me where it wants to go. I also remind myself to focus on process, rather than the end result.

Have fun with each new painting and let them be want they want to be. And, take you where they want you to go.

I hope this makes sense and helps. I would love to know your thoughts on this issue.




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