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David teaches from his heart and soul...
— Cynthia Ford, Los Angeles

"That's why his classes/workshops are challenging and fun. He nudges you out of your comfort zone and encourages you to play and try new stuff."

You encourage us to take risks while providing an encouraging environment. You make it fun, always!
— Tina Farina

"You make me see my better self. You provide new ideas and inspiration. You pose questions that really make us think. Your kindness permeates the room. I'm extremely grateful to David for his patient guidance. I love his gentle way of being. He is sensitive, thoughtful, smart, funny, laughs at himself. I think he is an angel! A truly extraordinary person!"

I feel so inspired, energized and encouraged.
— Anna, Santa Monica

"Great to be in class with you again…you hold such wonderful space for everyone and give such safe environment to explore!! David always creates a safe environment to allow for creative investigation and is able to take each person where they are with no personal agenda."

Why does painting seem much easier in David’s class than it does when I am at home, alone, in my studio?
— Jane Feil >

I must tell you that you are the kindest, skilled and most supportive teacher and person that I know.
— Patty Kaplan

"You give us your all and much  more. I realize how lucky I am to have you in my life and will be for as long as you don't kick me out!!"

I can’t say enough about my experience in his workshop... David is extraordinary in all areas: artist, teacher, creative soul, mentor and incredibly generous with his knowledge and gift as an artist.
— Susey Burgunder, San Luis Obispo

You have given me the freedom to trust my eyes.
— Joyce Gorelik

"Besides your winning personality, your lesson plans are creative and fun. My work is always evolving and not always for the better. However, you have taught me to take a piece of art I am working on and turn it around to something that I like. Thank you."

Paths to see. Tools to create.
— Shelly Jordan, M.D.

"Criticism to grow. A nudge to a higher place. A safety net to land softly."

Your instruction is tremendously helpful.
— Lois Reinis

"Your drawings, your demonstrations and your “talks” are inspirational because you are so skilled and you continually expose the class to interesting methods and concepts. You encourage experimentation and freedom by emphasizing that mistakes are meaningless. The process is what matters. You are almost always right when you make specific suggestions which enable me to continually improve. You respect individualism."