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Not sure where this came from. I know that I painted it. I am just not sure where it came from. This is what can happen when you just let your self play. 10”x 8”, acrylic on wood. © 2019 David Limrite

“At other times, you need to just leave a painting. Never force yourself to like a painting if something in you says it’s not the best.”
Helen Frankenthaler, Artist

Don’t Paint To Like

Of course we want to love everything we create. But that is too much pressure for me. I try not to have, “liking my painting”, as my primary goal. I mean, I hope I will like my painting when it is finished. But it never works for me to need to like my painting.

If I had to like everything I create, I think that would force me to create from a safe place and not take any risks. Which would suck all the life out of the process.

Can you imagine starting and creating a painting with the main goal being that you must like it when it is finished? Can you also imagine how boring and un-creative that  would feel? 

And, can you also imagine how precious and uninspired that painting would look?

My main goal is always to totally enjoy the process. Followed by trying to go beyond what I did with my last painting. Which requires some risk taking. And, some failure. It’s a good thing that we learn so much from failure. Right?

Make your art.

Get involved in the process.

Push yourself.

Have fun.

Look forward to hopefully loving what you create,

But…Don’t paint to like.




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