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There is something about this one… Just feels right. 11”x 8” collage, acrylic and charcoal on wood. © 2019 David Limrite

“The brushstroke at the moment of contact carries inevitably the exact state of being of the artist into the work, and there it is, to be seen and read by those who can read such signs.”
Robert Henri, Artist and educator

Create Today. Analyze Tomorrow.

One thing that really helps me to create more freely and unencumbered is to not analyze and critique my work while I am in the process of creating it.

I know this might sound like a no-brainer, but I know plenty of artists who analyze each brush stroke as they actually apply it to the canvas.

That doesn’t sound very fun, does it? And, it isn’t. I used to be one of those “critique each brush stroke” artists.

This approach completely kills spontaneity. It can make you question your ability and talent. It opens the door for self-doubt to creep in. It can make you paint timidly, apprehensively and nervously.

Not fun.

While you are painting, paint! There will be plenty of time to analyze and critique what you’ve done. Tomorrow. Or, the next day after that.

Take your brain out of it and just paint.

Focus on process and just paint!

Breathe. Play. Relax. Have fun. And, just paint.

Please don’t analyze each brush stoke as it is being made.

Create today. Analyze tomorrow.



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