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Praise for Teaching




What has your teaching meant?
Not to sound overly dramatic, but it’s meant everything.
— M Susan Broussard

You have helped me begin the search to become my own artist. It means everything to me when I consider where I would be had I never had this opportunity. If we are very lucky, life offers us a rare, magical gift. I know how lucky I am to have this superb opportunity.

David Limrite has a very special gift.
— Carole Friedman

He is extremely talented both as an artist and a teacher. My life has been changed as far as growing as an artist because of David’s influence. The quality and variety of techniques that I’ve learned from him have raised my artwork to greater heights. I come back to the class year after year after year because it makes me happy and my Thursdays are my favorite day of the week.

Having faith in me has been a wonderful gift. His great, positive energy is contagious.
— Lauren Chase

David’s teaching has given me inspiration and encouragement to explore ways to express a sense of style unique to me. David knows how to identify the strengths of an artist. He has sharpened my sense of adventure in art making. He has shown me how to challenge the expected and capitalize on originality. He keeps me interested and motivated. I like the journey in David’s class. There is such a bond that develops in his classes between the artists. I have observed impressive artistic growth amongst the artists in David's classes. 

Every week I truly look forward to class. I am amazed at how much I have learned from you.
— Jane Feil

Your teachings have directed me toward more creativity, more risk taking and more experimenting. You push me to where my head doesn’t go. Your expertise, your knowledge and your creativity has absolutely pushed me toward and into the direction of abstract figurative work that I have always longed to do. You have allowed us the freedom of working in our style and go in our own specific direction. Our own style is encouraged. I also enjoy the friendships, fun and lightheartedness in the class. Every week is an adventure. I definitely would not be the artist I am today without your teaching. I am forever grateful.

You have been responsible for helping me grow as an artist. I will be forever grateful to you.
— Mary Rudolph

When I first attended your class, I was insecure and timid about my art skills (or should I say, lack of art skills). You never criticized me or told me that I was doing something wrong. Instead, you encouraged me. You pushed me to be free and you always found areas in my painting that were strong. You praised those things about my work that you liked, such as my love of color. I feel so lucky that you have been in my life.

One of the best things about David’s teaching is the atmosphere he creates in the class.
— Tom Pfister

The chance to explore drawing, painting, printmaking and mixed media in David’s classes has been a great pleasure. The students are adults with widely varied backgrounds and objectives, and David is able to make all feel comfortable and valued while gently pushing each of us to identify and reach for our own goals. David stimulates continued experimentation by suggesting new approaches, encouraging use of different media and providing well-chosen examples from his own work and the work of other artists.

Your input is crucial; always soft, incisive and gently pushing.
— Janet Kupchick

You have the ability to connect with each student as an individual, play to our strengths and push us a little (or a lot) beyond our comfort zone. No matter how “off” a class I am having, you encourage the destruction and exploration that those “off” paintings invite. Sometimes a victory emerges from those ashes. I admire your never-ending willingness to bring in new info, new ways to see and new art to inspire.

You’ve given us license to abstract the figure until it is no longer a figure.
— Gina Yu

Your critiques are (almost) more important than the validations as it shows me things I didn’t see, couldn’t see, until you pointed it out. [You] provoke us to to try different things and techniques, never forceful, always suggestive. Although you are an accomplished artist, I am encouraged to hear that you too, like me, struggle with similar challenges, such as carving out the time to do your art… ah, how life gets in the way. Thanks for creating an environment for those of us who are seeking to have a place to explore.

You have taught me to love the process! This is why I come back to your class year after year.
— Nancy Newberg

You encourage each of us to create in our own individual style and you push us to gently experiment and grow. You inspire me, and I always feel I can remain focused on what is exciting to me. I truly respect your input and suggestions. Your ability to point out even the smallest “successful” area on drawing carries me to the next level. I love our class. You are a wonderfully talented artist and teacher. 

You have a great way of nurturing a person to express themselves in their own style. I have seen my fellow classmates’ work, as well as my own work, improve and evolve often in very short periods of time, which is very exciting.
— Amanda Hurwitz

Your classes are fun, inspiring, easygoing and yet, at the same time, very productive. My process has definitely evolved and developed over the years of taking your class. My application of paint has improved dramatically. Your introduction of new styles of painting and the different ways of approaching a project have given my work a much more interesting and varied vocabulary. The main thing I think I have learned from you (which I still find excruciatingly difficult and exhilarating) is that I have to constantly be prepared to lose and destroy parts of the work, to build layers and to give and take. This is when the magic happens. What I love is the level of enthusiasm and the amount of effort and thought you put into planning each new project.