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David Limrite-Artist, Coach, Mentor, Teacher

Large Sketchbook Drawing, 30"x 22", mixed media on paper, © 2014 David Limrite. This is the last page! I have decided to put it away for a few weeks and then pull it out and look at all 26 pages. I have a feeling that I will want to re-work some of the earlier sketches. I will keep you posted. And stay tuned for the video tour.

"It is better to paint a good, unfinished painting than finish a bad one."
Edvard Munch

Creating With Obsession

Obsession is a requirement if you have any desire to create personally, meaningful work.

Do you have an idea, concept or subject matter that you are obsessed with?

That haunts your soul?

That preoccupies you greatly?

It could even be a color, a particular location or scene (think Monet), your own face (as in self-portraits - think Rembrandt or Van Gogh), a particular technique, a shape or an emotion. Among others. Anything can be an obsession for an artist.

The important thing here is to have an obsession.

And then be fascinated with that obsession.

Obsessions can dismantle your excuses.

Obsessions can help you build up a tolerance for distractions.

What you don't want to do, however, is let obsession with criticism and evaluation overpower obsession with your idea, concept, theme or subject matter.

Your creativity is calling.

You have creative work to do.

Best, David




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