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Heart Drawing #1, 30"x 22", charcoal on paper, Copyright 2014 David Limrite

"A great free joy surges through me when I work." ~Clyfford Still

I am back to working with heart imagery. I have decided to create some good old fashioned charcoal drawings. Oh, I am still making "Little Heart Paintings", however, right now I just feel like drawing. I always try to honor my current instincts when I can. I have always loved the immediacy and directness of drawing.

I am not really sure why I am attracted to the image of the heart as a subject matter. I love the overall shape, as well as the smaller shapes within. I love that it is the thing that literally keeps us alive day after day. I love that it is tied to a word like passion. A word that I absolutely love (as well as words like obsession and fascination). Words that I have written about recently. I love that the heart is loaded with symbolism, both positive and negative.

The artist Jim Dine, one of my favorite artists of all time and a true inspiration for me, refers to "… the line I have from my heart to my hand…" when he talks about drawing. Love that!

The heart is rich with metaphors, symbolism and meaning. From loving someone or something with all of your heart, to suffering from a broken heart.

Whatever it is, for right now, I am totally obsessed with, passionate about, and fascinated with drawing and painting hearts. And there is no better feeling for an artist. If you can find the image, idea, shape, technique or color that you are passionate about, you won't be able to keep yourself out of your studio. Finding this passion is not about luck. It's about getting in front of your easel and creating. On a regular basis. For me, in addition to hard work at the easel, I find that the the things I am most passionate about already exist. Take a good look at your past and present work. What images, ideas, shapes, techniques or colors repeatedly show up in your drawings and paintings? What do you continually come back to over and over again?

Discovering what you are passionate about will allow you to create from your heart.

Best, David






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