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Its all about the BLUE. Again! Really loving the blue. And, for some reason, I am really getting into texture as well. The combination of the blue and the texture are playing very nicely together in this small piece. I think. Kind of exciting. 11”x 8”, acrylic, collage and pencil on wood. © 2019 David Limrite

“Success is going from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm.”
Winston Churchill

Art Is…

Art is not something you do. It is who you are.

Art is in your soul. Not in what you put on canvas.

Art is showing up, beginning and staying put until something happens.

Art is surrendering to your creative work.

Art is pursuing the creative ideas that matter most to you.

Art is exhausting yourself in the commitment to your work.

Art is embracing imperfection.

Art is giving up control.

Art is being willing to be uncomfortable and going to places that frighten you.

Art is taking incredible risks without considering the consequences.

Art is finding meaning in the process.

Art is committing to the work it requires in order to grow and develop as an artist.

Art is creating just because it brings you joy.




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Praise from a Summer 2019 workshop:

“[I enjoyed] the whole weekend! Each lesson was fantastic. This was the best of all past [workshops]. Wouldn’t change a thing. Thank you.” Jane F.

“[The] demos were great. [I enjoyed the] invaluable tips [and] David’s kind, supportive, teaching style. I cannot think of one thing to [change about the workshop]. Pretty much perfection. You’ve got this down!” Lori W.

“We covered a lot, but I felt the lectures/demos all held together as a ‘suite’ and built on each other in a really useful way. Thought it was the best [workshop] yet. Looking forward to the next one…” ~ Cynthia A.

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