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OK! Now I am getting somewhere. There is a lot about this little painting that I like. The color, for one thing. Loving the BLUE. The texture. The collage. The writing. The value contrast. And, the line quality. 11”x 8”, acrylic, collage and pencil on wood. © 2019 David Limrite

“You don’t just stop and admire what you’ve done. You stop and say ‘What more can I do?’.”
Elton John, Musician/Performer

Admit it! You’re An Artist

When I meet and talk to people, I always ask if they are an artist. If they say “Yes”, I then ask what kind of an artist are they: what is their medium of choice, what is their preferred subject matter, stuff like that. This almost always leads to a fascinating conversation.

Having just told you that, more often than not, the person I am talking to is unwilling, or unable, to proudly proclaim that they’re an artist. Even if they are one. It’s almost as if they are embarrassed to admit it. If they are not an artist, then we have a different kind of fascinating conversation. .

The answers almost always sound something like, “Well… I dabble in painting a little bit, but I am not very good.”

Does this sound like you or someone you know?

I am here to tell you that even if all you do is dabble a little bit, you’re an artist. In my book, anyway. And, since when did being bad at painting disqualify you from being an artist? And, from calling yourself an artist? No one is born a good, or even great, artist. It takes a lot of hard work. Most of us start out as bad artists, and with years and years of practice, we evolve into better and better artists.

But, we are still artists all along the way.

Being an artist is about what’s in your soul, not what’s out on your canvas.

I have seen people, who, when they finally get the courage to say that they are an artist, begin to make better work, instantly. Immediately!

Admitting you’re an artist can be a major confidence booster.

So, go on, admit that you’re an artist. If you do not already proudly proclaim it so.

Then, believe it.

And, BTW, you do not have to convince anyone else.



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