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Decided to really push myself and do two things. One, focus completely on shapes with absolutely no details, two, paint with only acrylic on canvas. I really like how this one turned out. More please. 20”x 16”, acrylic on canvas. © 2019 David Limrite

“The artists responsibility is to preserve, nurture and glorify the human spirit.”
Hans Hoffman, Artist

Mistakes Can Be Interesting

I have been thinking more about what makes my work interesting to look at. Here is what I have come up with so far:

First of all, my work comes from me. I am the only person who can create my images. My paintings are born from my unique vision. We all have our own unique vision which we bring forth in our paintings.

My figures come from an emotional, dark and mysterious place, that resides within me somewhere. My figures reverberate with emotion, movement and energy.

There is a power and drama to my figures, which comes from extreme value contrast, brave brush strokes, elegant and powerful line, and my own unique style of mark making.

But, mostly, I think my work is interesting is because of all the mistakes I make. I choose to leave a lot of my mistakes in the finished pieces. Most people don’t know that they are looking at a bunch of mistakes. But, they are. And, believe me, there are plenty to look at, even in just one painting.

My brushes, paint and charcoal often do much better things on their own, as opposed to when I try to force them to do what I want. This is where I make my mistakes. However, I have learned that my mistakes are often better than I think they are, at the time I make them.

The mistakes have good intentions. Trust me. I don’t set out to make a mistake. Mistakes happen when you are pushing yourself and your materials to go beyond where they (and you) have ever gone.

I have learned how to recognize when a mistake is actually a good thing to have happened to a painting. 

I have also learned how to be brave and decide whether a mistake should be left in and when it should be taken out.

Your vision, style and resulting images are unique to you. And your mistakes can be interesting.




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