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Back to my experiments exploring representation coexisting with abstraction. Focusing on a brush stroke vs a line. Paint vs drawing. Maybe a little color will begin to creep into these new pieces. You never know.“Untitled”, 10”x 8”, acrylic, graphite and charcoal on wood.  © 2018 David Limrite

“It doesn’t matter how a thing starts off. What matters is paying attention to where the ideas are leading you. Because when you think you’re leading them, that’s when you get into trouble.”
David Lynch, Film Director

Saving vs Opportunity

I have many artists ask for my help in their attempt at “SAVING” a painting. This question is usually posed with desperation in their voices.

Desperation never inspires good choices.

I think what happens is that we have an idea for a painting that really excites us. We are eager to create it. And, when it is finished, we really, really want to love it.

Nothing wrong so far.

However, what often happens is that we complete the painting and are instead disappointed with the outcome. The painting we have just worked our asses off on does not match the vision we had for it in our heads.

This is one of the reasons why I always tell my students to try and not complete a painting in their heads. The end product rarely matches the completed painting we have in our heads. Ideas are good. Visions are wonderful. But completing paintings in our minds are not so good.

So… we become desperate to “FIX” this painting. Or to “SAVE” it.

First of all, “FIXING” or “SAVING” implies that there is something wrong with the painting. In reality, it is just an unfinished painting.

For me, the idea of “SAVING” a painting puts too much pressure on me. I can’t relax and make good decisions. And, I end up just making the painting worse.

Instead, I tell myself that I now have an “OPPORTUNITY” to try and make this painting better, more aesthetic, more beautiful, more to my liking, or whatever it is for you.

The word “OPPORTUNITY” has a much more positive vibe to it than the word “SAVING”. Don’t you think?

Seeing this as an “OPPORTUNITY” takes the pressure off and allows me to play and have fun with it. And allows me to try things, make better choices and hopefully make a painting that matches the initial vision I had for it.

It’s really about learning and opportunity. Not about saving.






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