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I really like the brush strokes in this one. I also like the line quality. And, I think I am starting to get the emotional relationship between abstraction and representation that I have been looking for. What do you think? “Untitled”, 10”x 8”, acrylic, charcoal and graphite on wood. © 2018 David Limrite

“Writing is a series of permissions you give yourself to be expressive in certain ways, to invent, to leap, to fly, to fall.”

Susan Sontag, Author

Before. During. After.

Some things for you to think about: Before, during and after the creation of a new painting.


- Start. Begin. (Don’t tidy up the studio).

- Set a few goals for this new painting.

- Head in the direction you think you want to go.

- Start from where you are, right now.

- Create before you are ready.

- Simplify your tools, brushes, colors, etc.

- Don’t aim for perfection. ( Be deliciously imperfect).

- Don’t wait for inspiration.

- Be a risk taker.

- Risk failure to invite meaningful growth.

- Focus on process, not outcome.

- Expect setbacks and create anyway.

- Embrace the unexpected.

- Begin with confidence.

- Replace doubt and fear with action.


- Make your best, first effort. Then adjust.

- Learn as you go.

- Be flexible.

- Create. Don’t judge.

- Hold the intention to create, always.

- Be courageous.

- Have high expectations.

- Play and be curious.

- Trust your skills and instincts.

- Be willing to rework at any time.

- Begin boldly.

- Take the biggest risks early on.

- Watch what is happening as you paint.

- Be out of control.

- Don’t worry about doing it right.

- Create with passion.


- Spend time with the completed painting.

- Critique it.

- What worked? What did not work?

- Do not just focus on the negative.

- What did you learn?

- Take that information to the next painting.

- Are you pleased with your effort?

- If not, what could you do better next time?

- Set a few goals for the next painting and begin.







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