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Curious about the interplay between drawing and painting. Between a brush stroke and a line. And lately, I have become curious about, and fascinated by, the color gray and all of its infinite and subtle variations. “Untitled”, 10”x 8”, acrylic, graphite and charcoal on wood.© 2018 David Limrite

“What you do when you paint, you take a brush full of paint, get paint on the picture, and you have faith.”

Willem de Kooning, Artist

Encouraging Curiosity

It was said about artist Robert Rauschenberg that his only real incentive as an artist was curiosity about what a painting could be.

I have allowed curiosity to become a major factor in my art making practice, and it has really made a difference in both my attitude toward picture making and to the results.

I use the term “What if?” when I talk about the idea of curiosity, as it pertains to creativity. What if I try this? What if I combine these two images? What if I place these three colors right next to each other? What will happen?

Being curious. Wanting to know. And being willing to find out.

Three of the best things that being curious has done for me is:

  • It has increased my confidence
  • It has empowered me to not be afraid
  • It has allowed me to take my art beyond what I thought was possible

So… today I am encouraging you to embrace curiosity.

Make curiosity a part of your regular, daily or weekly creativity sessions. Pursue ideas. Explore techniques. Embrace unusual juxtapositions. Go on a journey and explore. Try things. Question everything.

And be willing to go there and do what it takes.

Not everything will work. Many will.

Either way, you will learn so much and have so much fun in the process. And, who knows, maybe you will gain more confidence and become a more empowered artist in the process.

Next time you are in your studio, approach whatever you are working on with curiosity. And see what happens.



P.S. If you've been wanting to take a workshop with me but aren't particularly interested in working with the figure and/or you work with oil paint (since I usually teach drawing- and water-based media), the upcoming workshop just might be the opportunity you've been looking for! 

Read below about the workshop which is designed to infuse your creativity and kick start your art making.



San Luis Obispo Museum of Art
June 8, 9, 10  |  9am - 4pm  |  Friday - Sunday

The objective of this workshop is to provide intermediate and advanced artists with the opportunity to reenergize your creativity and kick start your art making. The focus will be on helping artists hone in on your style, find your unique personal artistic style and give voice to your creative spirit.

Artists will work with their own ideas, interests and subject matter, as well as with their preferred medium. It is suggested that each participating artist work with a medium that they are experienced and comfortable with. This workshop is open to artists who work with all manner of subject matter (figure, portrait, animals, landscape, still life or abstract). There will be no live models for this workshop, so figurative artists are encouraged to bring sketches, photos or previous paintings to work from. All artists, no matter what subjects they work with, should bring sketches, studies, photos or inspiration pieces to work from.

This workshop promises to nurture the joy of personal expression and the excitement of learning, while maintaining an atmosphere of creative freedom. If you are looking for a fresh perspective for your creativity, an energy boost for your art making, or if you are looking for a different kind of workshop experience, then this is for you.

There will be plenty of art making time, demonstrations, discussions, critiques, and both group and individual instruction.

We will all come together as a group for discussions each day, as well as participate in a motivating and inspirational critique at the end of each workday.

Registration:   $335 Museum Members  |  $355 General


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