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Playing around. I love portraiture and I love experimenting. Put those two together and you never know what will happen. Each 6”x 6”, acrylic on wood. © 2018 David Limrite

“The creative process is not a solution to your problems in life. It is just the best method of creating the results you want to create in your life.”
Robert Fritz, The Path Of Least Resistance

Create Because You Want To

Not because you have to.

Not because you have something to prove.

Not because someone is expecting you to.

Not because it means that you will finally be accepted by the cool kids.

Not because it might make you rich and famous.

Instead, create because:

It is fun.

It brings you pleasure, peace and joy.

It makes you feel fulfilled.

That’s who you are, and it’s what you do.

You have the desire and passion to make your visions a reality.

You love the process, the activity, and the attempt.

You love the time spent creating.

You have something to say or express.

You love to learn.

There is nothing else that you would rather be be doing.

It keeps your heart pumping and makes you feel alive.

It makes you happy.

Create because you want to. Nothing else matters.




For the past four years, I have been holding summer workshops on the beautiful California Central Coast in Arroyo Grande (San Luis Obispo County).

Students rave about the 3-day workshops, often remarking that they wish the workshops were even longer.

This year I will be teaching the following workshop:


Arroyo Grande, CA (San Luis Obispo County, Central Coast)

July & August | 9am - 4pm | Dates TBD

We are now working on selecting the dates for these workshops. If you are interested in attending a workshop, please help us pick the most amenable dates by following the instructions below. This gives us the best shot at picking a winning combination of dates.

The people who participate in the poll will receive priority enrollment. (That’s a good thing because most of my summer workshops have sold out!)

The poll is two easy steps:

1) Click here

2) Copy and paste ALL THE DATES below that you COULD DO this summer:

July 13, 14, 15

July 27, 28, 29

August 3, 4, 5

August 10, 11, 12

August 17, 18, 19

That's it.

Pretty easy, right?

Once we receive everyone's availability, we will select the dates that work for the greatest number of artists and will send an email announcing the selected dates. You'll also receive priority enrollment for the workshops as our thank you for helping us pick the best dates!

If you’re up for an artistic adventure on the Central Coast this Summer, just click here and copy and paste ALL THE DATES above that you COULD DO this summer. Please reply by Sunday, May 20.

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