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The pieces for “A Roomful Of Ghosts” are progressing rather nicely, I think. Trying stuff. Taking risks. Making mistakes. Overworking. Learning. Re-working. Having a ton of fun. The piece on the right is the re-do of the piece that I featured on the blog last week. I received lots of  constructive criticism and suggestions for improvement. Thanks to everyone who weighed in. I really appreciate the time you spent and your efforts to offer up your suggestions. © 2018 David Limrite

“A way is just what I don’t want. With each new painting, I find a way all too soon. And that’s when the trouble starts.”
Richard Diebenkorn, Artist

Go Too Far

Based on my experience with some of the pieces in progress in my A Roomful Of Ghosts Artist-in-Residency/Exhibit at the San Luis Obispo Museum Of Art, I want to make the case for “overworking”.

“Overworking” has a negative connotation that I do not think it deserves.

As a young art student, I was a huge overworker. I killed more paintings than you can imagine.

However, because of all of my overworking, I learned so much more than had I played it safe with my work and treated my paintings as the precious little jewels that they are not.

Instead of being afraid to overwork, I say “Go For It”. Push that painting. Go beyond what is safe and what you think is possible. Take risks. Lots of them.

I call this “Jumping Off The Cliff”.

Jump off the cliff and learn.

For me, it is more valuable to learn what doesn’t work, rather than what does work.

I am currently overworking several of the pieces in A Roomful Of Ghosts.

Rather than being discouraged and giving up, the circumstances of this project are forcing me to work back into these paintings with my newly acquired knowledge due to my overworking.

And… because I am working in full view of the public, and I am working under a deadline, I am motivated to work back into these pieces and make them work.

So, if you really want to learn, improve your art making skills, and be a better artist, take a lot of risks and do not be afraid to overwork. Learn from the experience and keep creating.

In next week’s post, I will discuss ways to recover from overworking.




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