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This is the piece that I am talking about below in the blog. It is the first one I worked on. I am not happy with it. I think I was just getting my bearings and finding my footing. So, it is time for me to take the risk on this one, go back into it, and make it better. Any suggestions? Stay tuned. © 2018 David Limrite

“You may get tired of working on a drawing - But that’s the time to keep going - Something always comes from it.”
Jim Dine, Artist

Take The Risk

I am learning so much about myself and my art making as I work on the paintings for my “Roomful Of Ghosts” Artist-in-Residency at the San Luis Obispo Museum Of Art.

One of the most important things that I learned from this past week is that every time I go back into one of the pieces to make a change, I am risking the success of the entire painting.

This risk is necessary and important.

I could easily be frightened by this realization.

However, my thought process tells me that:

“I don’t like the piece as it is. And so I want to, and need to, go back into the painting in order to rework it and make it better.

I obviously don’t like this painting. 

I have nothing to lose. I can’t ruin it. 

I can only make it better and more successful."

This is a much better mindset for me. 

I would much rather go back into a painting that I am unhappy with, risk messing it up further (remember, I don’t like it anyway), rather than play it safe, decorate around the problem, and treat it like the precious thing it is not.

I try to go with my heart, not my head.

I take a deep breath.

And...I dive in.

And...I take the risk.

BTW, in my experience so far, the painting that I am re-working, usually gets worse before it gets better. But eventually, always gets better.



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