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Weekly Blog on creativity and what it takes to be an artist by David Limrite (artist, teacher, mentor & coach)


David Limrite-Artist, Coach, Mentor, Teacher

“Let Me Go Gracefully”, 24”x 18”, mixed media on wood. This piece was created for my sister in response to the loss of both of our parents in the last three years. She just purchased a new home and this is her housewarming present. She has seen a picture of it and it made her cry. We both can’t wait to see it hanging in her new home.

“Creative expression can give a person almost everything that he or she has been searching for: enlivenment, peace, meaning, and the incalculable wealth of time spent quietly in beauty.” ~Anne Lamott, Author

Asking “What If?” can lead to experimenting, exploration, risk taking, mistake making and lots of learning. Asking “Why Not” can lead to breakthroughs.

Asking “What If?” comes first. What if I repaint the background bright red? What if I paint that apple purple instead of green? What if I give the figure in my drawing three arms instead of two?

And then you choose courage.

And then ask yourself “Why Not?”

You say yes, and then you try. You take a chance. You take a risk.

You risk failure. But you also invite success. You open the door for a potential breakthrough.

There will be no guarantees. You decide to try anyway. And once you do, you must be all in. You must give it your all. You must give it your best shot. You do not worry about what will happen. Regardless of the outcome, you try.

You do not worry about what other people will think about your attempt and the outcome. You’ve got an idea that you think is worth trying. Even if you fail. You enjoy the process of trying. You have fun. Fun makes asking “What If?” and “Why Not?” easier.

You accept that some of the things that you try will not work. However, the exciting thing is that some of the things that you try will work.

And you might even have a breakthrough!

Imagine that.

Best, David