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“For many years we have suckled on fear and fear alone, and there is no good product of fear.”
John Steinbeck

I know so many creative types (myself included at times) who feel as if every new thing they try must be perfect the first time out. And then feel disappointed and defeated when it is not.

Things cannot be both new and perfect at the same time.

Rarely is the first attempt at trying something new a success.

So, what happens is, we stop trying new things and our growth comes to a grinding halt.

Why be so unreasonably demanding of yourself?

For me, growth only happens when I am learning. And learning only happens when I am trying new things.

When I want to try something new, I make my best first attempt, and then I make the necessary adjustments as I try it again. And again, and again, and again.

Accept that your first few attempts are not going to be perfect. Learn as you go. Each time it does not work, you will have learned something, and you will be that much closer to your desired outcome.

Do not let fear of failure stop you from trying anything new with regard to your creativity.

Trial and error is the only way to go.



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