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Weekly Blog on creativity and what it takes to be an artist by David Limrite (artist, teacher, mentor & coach)


You have an idea or a passion. But, you also have doubts about it's merits or worthiness. You have fears about whether you can be successful. Do you even have a chance of being remotely successful with this idea? Is it worth your time? Is this a great idea or will it be perceived as stupid, silly, childish or moronic? Or, is it truly interesting, possibly ground-breaking or just important to you and worthy of your efforts?  

Say YES to all of the above and accept the risks. Say YES to the doubts, the fears, the time and the effort it will take; the possible fact that it may be perceived as stupid and the real fact that it might be important or even ground-breaking.

Risk is important. Understanding that risk is important is important. Without risk, most of what exists today would not exist.

Trying to create something new entails unavoidable risks and you are not guaranteed anything. However, you must take the risk anyway. It will always be worth your effort. ALWAYS!

Indulge your ideas and your passions. Don't fend them off. Take action. The important thing is that you are pursuing something.

Say YES to your ideas and passions, and accept the risks. Do it for yourself. Do it now!