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Weekly Blog on creativity and what it takes to be an artist by David Limrite (artist, teacher, mentor & coach)


David Limrite-Artist, Coach, Mentor, Teacher

New work in progress.

“I have found in my work something to which I can devote myself, heart and soul, and which gives inspiration and significance to life.”

~Vincent Van Gogh

I am well into my new series of mixed media drawings, after a very slow and uninspired start, which I turned around with a swift kick in the ass. I also called myself out on some silly negative self talk I was engaging in. I finally decided to just dive in and start, trust my intuition and my talent, and head in the direction of what I think I want these pieces to look like. The above photo shows a few of the pieces in their current state. I have plans to take them much further.

The good news is that I have been in the studio. Working on a regular basis. And I haven’t stopped. I have built momentum.

You already know that I am a huge fan of momentum. Momentum never fails me. Momentum is everything. I have been seriously working on these pieces for the last two weeks, and I couldn’t stop. Momentum would not allow it.

Steven Pressfield (The War of Art) says, “A work in progress generates it’s own energy field.”

It is very important that you try and get yourself to a place where you are just creating. Not reflecting. Not thinking. Not judging. Not critiquing.

Paint as much and as hard as you can for as long as you can and then step back and reflect. Dive right back in and paint hard again. And then judge. Paint some more. And then critique.

The more you paint, the more you WILL paint.

Promise me that, while you are painting, you will paint with no fear, no self censorship, no inner critic, and no judgement.

This will not guarantee that your work will not have it’s flaws and imperfections. Screw up as much as you like. You can always come back and tweak the painting later.

By focusing on process, painting hard and building momentum, the process will acquire a life of it’s own.

My new series of pieces is far from finished, but all this means is that my creations are incomplete. However, the momentum is there. And that is very powerful.