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David Limrite-Artist, Coach, Mentor, Teacher

Into The Shadows, 24”x 18”, mixed media on wood. Copyright 2015 David Limrite

“Technique is what painters use until art arrives.”

~Vicky Perry, Artist

The marks we make not only reflect our personality, the also reflect how confident or timid we are. They can be very revealing. They are like our fingerprints. They can also help portray or communicate what you would like to convey to your audience about your idea, concept or subject matter.

Are you confident, bold, aggressive, adventurous, playful and fearless?

Or are you timid, tentative, shy and fearful?

The marks you make will tell your story.

Confident mark making, whether with a piece of charcoal or a brush and paint, requires lots of practice. You must be willing to step outside your comfort zone and practice making the kinds of marks that you want to be known for. And the kinds of marks your subject matter or style deserves.

A confident brushstroke or pencil line will elevate your work into the stratosphere.

In the process of trying to make more confident marks, you will most likely make some awful things.

Fine. So be it. Try anyway. It will be so worth it.

If you are truly and absolutely committed to achieving a more confident looking painting or drawing, it all starts with with the kinds of marks you make. Give your marks the attention they deserve and watch your art soar to new heights.