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Weekly Blog on creativity and what it takes to be an artist by David Limrite (artist, teacher, mentor & coach)


David Limrite-Artist, Coach, Mentor, Teacher

Another study for a new series entitled “Ancestors And Archetypes.” 30”x 22”, charcoal on paper

“Art is an adventure into an unknown world, which can only be explored by those willing to take the risks.”~Mark Rothko

Aim yourself in the direction of where you want your work to go. Show up. Set your intention. Be positive. Be confident. Challenge yourself. Invest (your time and energy). Be present (at the creation of your paintings). Be passionate. Trust your intuition. Focus. Start. Try. Allow (yourself to …). Do the work. Experiment. Explore. Choose. Determine your own path. Take risks. Dare. Embrace (accidents and mistakes). Care enough to fail. Be fearless. Be persistent. Dance (with your fear). Be aware (of what is happening on your canvas). Be open (to your work taking you places you did not expect to go). Be engaged. Be patient. Be involved (in the process). Say yes. Apply yourself. Persevere. Be grateful. Create. Learn. Grow.




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