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Weekly Blog on creativity and what it takes to be an artist by David Limrite (artist, teacher, mentor & coach)


David Limrite-Artist, Coach, Mentor, Teacher

A couple of examples of another new series currently titled “Dark Angels.” These pieces are collage on 8”x 8” wood panels.

“ I can always paint very well with my eyes, but with my hands it doesn’t always work out.”

~ Kathe Kollwitz

Don’t wait for your muse to show up. You are the master of your own creativity. If you don’t go into the studio, no work gets done.

Don’t wait for inspiration to strike. Breakthroughs don’t happen while you are sitting there waiting for a breakthrough to happen. If you wait for ideal conditions, you will forever have a blank canvas.

My best ideas and breakthroughs have come while I am in the process of creating. Not while I am sitting, waiting and worrying.

Show up and get to work. It does not matter what kind of mood you are in. Work begets inspiration, insight and awareness.

The more effort you put into creating, the more creative you will become. You will not only create more, you will also become more focused.

Each time you go into your studio, you give yourself the gift of opportunity.