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More color! What gives? Decided to add a middle value gray into every color I used. Loving the beautiful muted tones. 11”x 8”, acrylic and charcoal on wood. © 2019 David Limrite

“Whatever you are, be a good one.”
Abraham Lincoln

Decide And Do

Are you burdened with too many ideas?

Are you overwhelmed with too many styles that you are interested in trying?

Are you confused about which mediums and techniques you should be using?

Yes? Well… I was too, a few years ago.

I have sketchbooks and notebooks full of ideas. I have more ideas for paintings than I could paint in my lifetime. Which sounds good at first. You might say, “Lucky me”. However, having too many ideas can be as defeating as having no ideas.

Too many ideas can cause indecision and procrastination. You might as well have zero ideas.

The only way out of this is to decide. You must decide so that you can begin. Making, doing and creating is the only thing that matters. You have to trust your instincts and your heart and your soul. And decide. And begin.

It got so bad for me that I became frozen with fear to do anything. So, one day I sat down and reviewed all my ideas. I jotted down only the ideas that, when I imagined myself creating them, I felt alive, my heart began to race, the hair on the back of my neck stood up on end, and my creative juices started to flow.

This process narrowed the list way down.

I took a few days to let those ideas drift in and out of my heart and soul. I went through the process again and narrowed the list down to the two most exciting ideas, And then I decided. I chose one. I chose with my heart. Not my brain.

And then I began. Once you have chosen it is best to start creating right away while the fire is hot within your soul.

I went through the same process with style, medium, technique, brushes, tools, etc. Narrowing down and choosing with my heart.

Choose and work with only the things that awaken and stimulate your heart and soul. Take your brain out of it,

Decide and Do.



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