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I liked what happened here. That is, I like the way the opaque paint is playing off the areas of washes. Love it! 20”x 16”, acrylic on canvas.  © 2019 David Limrite

“Years ago I learned that I couldn’t say about a painting, ‘yes - this is it - that is what I’m after - except I’ve got to tidy up this area, unmuddy that, make another look decisive.’ ”
Richard Diebenkorn, Artist

The Process Of Discovery

Every time you enter your studio, stand in front of your easel or sit at your work table, you enter a process of discovery…

… If you begin working. If you actually put brush to canvas, pencil to paper or chisel to stone…

… And, if you stay put long enough for something to happen.

You must show up, begin and stay put in order to give any discoveries a chance to present themselves.

I try to approach my painting practice as a combination of journey and discovery. The journey is all about being engaged in the process. Discovery is about learning.

Approaching my art this way allows me to pay attention to, and focus on, what is happening on the surface of my canvas. I get to watch what my materials are doing to, and with, each other.

Also, looking for the unexpected, ah-ha moments and happy accidents keeps me from focusing too much on, and obsessing about, how the end product will look. (Which gets me in trouble every time.) This approach allows me to detach from the outcome and pay more attention to the making, the doing and the attempt.

And, I always learn something by creating this way.

Give yourself the chance to enter your own process of discovery by showing up, beginning and staying put.



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