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Concept sketchbook in progress for A Roomful Of Ghosts. I will be sharing these sketches and ideas with you as this project progresses. First time that I have had an exhibit where the paintings did not have to be completed before the show opens. © 2018 David Limrite

“It seems that I am considered a top artist and that doesn’t surprise me. But that doesn’t help me to make a new work. I go to work every time thinking, “What on earth am I going to do? How will I make something that works?”
Robert Rauschenberg, Artist

It’s All Just Feedback

I’ve come up with a sure-fire method for putting me in the right frame of mind when I assess my work.

I guess it’s more of an approach to critiquing my own work.

Actually, it’s a way to help me keep positive momentum flowing when I am creating. And, not get sucked in to negativity and frustration. Especially when things aren’t going well, which, as we all know, can be much of the time.

So, here it is… I consider everything I create, good or bad, as feedback for the next painting.

Every success, failure, mistake, and happy accident is feedback. Every good painting, every bad painting and every incomplete painting is feedback for the next one.

What worked. What didn’t work. What could I do differently. What could I do better. What do I need to add. What can I eliminate. What do I need to learn.

It’s all just feedback.

Even your emotions are feedback.

Elation. Surprise. Satisfaction. Frustration. Joy. Disappointment.

It’s all just feedback.

The most important thing now is what you do with this feedback.

Watch what happens as you paint. Pay attention to the results. Learn. And, make your next painting.







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October 5 - December 2, 2018

I will be an artist-in-residence at the museum for the entire two month run of the show creating 10 new paintings from start to finish. Come watch me work, ask questions and follow my progress. Save the date and click here for more details.

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