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A few of the artists hard at work in my just completed workshop, “The Expressive Figure and Creative Portrait”. An amazing group of people who pushed themselves, took risks, and created some amazing paintings and drawings. I hope you will consider joining me next year for this series of three day workshops held at two fantastic locations and spaces in Arroyo Grande, California. © 2018 David Limrite

“There are no rules for good photographs, there are only good photographs.”
Ansel Adams, Photographer

The Edge Of Possibility

The ultimate goals for all of us as creators and artists are to make something that did not exist until we made it, bring our visions into reality, and make something that pleases us.

Creating is all about the time spent creating. 

Engaging in the activity. Being involved in the process. The choices and decisions. 

The attempt. 

The adjustment. 

The happy accident. 

The play. The experimentation. The risk taking.

Secondarily, your goals might also involve creating something that pleases someone else, displaying your work in a public space, being accepted into a juried show, and maybe even selling a piece or two.

All of this comes back to to the actual making of a drawing, painting, sculpture, or whatever it is that you do.

This means that you must be open to the possibilities that present themselves during the process of creativity. At the beginning, in the middle, and even near the completion of a piece in progress.

Always be on the lookout for the possibilities. 

They will arise. 

They will present themselves.

You must be able and willing to recognize a possibility when you see one. Find an opening, grab it, and take advantage of that possibility.

I call this. “Being on the edge of possibility”.

Always be on the edge of possibility.

In order to do this you must be creating. 

You must be deeply involved in the process. You must also be watching what is happening on the surface of your canvas as you are working on it. You must be curious.

And, you must be bold and courageous enough to explore these possibilities.



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