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A photo from last weekends The Expressive Figure and Creative Portrait workshop in Arroyo Grande.  © 2018 David Limrite

“I arrive at the light only after painting in it, not by aiming for it.”
Richard Diebenkorn, Artist

Having An Intention Is Fine

But it is not what really matters.

Don’t get me wrong. Intentions are a very good thing. Stating your intentions out loud to someone other than yourself is even better. Having a plan for what you want to achieve with your art, or with a specific painting, is only just the beginning.

Pursuing that intention with all of your heart, soul, energy and passion is what really counts.

You must head in the direction of your intention. You must go after it. Intentions don’t just magically resolve themselves. It takes hard work to bring an intention to fruition. Lots of hard work.

And here’s the thing. Intentions only happen in the working. You must be painting or drawing or whatever it is that you do in order to give your intentions a chance of existing in real life.

So, have your intentions, and then work like hell to make them a reality.

Just having an intention is not enough.





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