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I am very excited about the relationship of shape to line in this one. And, the relationship of abstraction to representation is starting to work for me. “Untitled”, 11”x 8”, collage, acrylic, gesso and granite on wood © 2018 David Limrite

“Once you feel you know everything, you're done. You're either repetitive or boring or both.”
Clint Eastwood, Actor/Director

Don’t Forget To Learn

First, correction from last week's post.

Oops! I did it again.

I misspelled the name of the author of the quote. Did you catch it? Maya Angelou. So sorry about that.

I talk a lot about being involved in "PROCESS”, I know. But for me, process is the heart of the matter. Process is at the core of this whole creativity thing. It just is.

However, process would mean nothing if we did not occasionally produce something that works and that we actually like and are proud of.

Which means that we need to make a lot of stuff. So that we can get better at our craft. And so that we can make better stuff.

So, amongst all of the practice, experimenting, risk taking and having fun - DON’T FORGET TO LEARN.

Learning is one of the perks of being an artist. I consider artists to be lifelong learners.

In order to learn, you have to:

  • Pay attention to what you are doing and to what is happening on the surface of your canvas.
  • Watch what is happening while you are involved in the process of creating.
  • Correct, make adjustments, try it again. What is working? What is not working?
  • How can you make it better, more beautiful, more emotional, looser, more abstract, more dramatic, more subtle, more angry, softer, or more playful?
  • Be aware of color, shape, line, texture and value.

Keep an eye on all of it.


And… take notes. I keep an art making journal right next to where I am working, and in it, I jot down everything.

Color mixtures, the order in which I do or try things, techniques, ideas for future paintings, ideas for processes to try, things that surprised me, changes that I want to make next time I try the same technique, random thoughts, quotes, potential titles for future pieces, etc.


This helps me learn. And it is not a drag to have to stop what I am doing to jot something down...because I know this is helping me to learn. And I review and refer to these notes a lot. It is part of my process.

Think about things that you can do in your studio to help you learn and grow as an artist (in addition to painting as much as you can).

And keep learning.





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