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Weekly Blog on creativity and what it takes to be an artist by David Limrite (artist, teacher, mentor & coach)


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;Currently on my creative urge table. Playing with some pieces that are total abstraction. no figure in sight. Not sure where they are going; however, they are a lot of fun and a nice break from my serious stuff. © 2018 David Limrite

“Make art as much as possible to find your voice. Play as much as possible; don’t be too serious. Combine everything you learn like soup -- play, relax and paint.”
Julian Gustlin, Artist

Creative Urges

We all have a certain way that we like to create.

We have a favorite media, a favorite brush, a favorite color, and a favorite surface to work on. We have a favorite subject matter, style and technique.

But we also have that thing, in the back of our minds, that we would love to try. Be it a different medium, style, technique or subject matter.

I call these “creative urges”.

And, I urge you to act on them. You never know where that next spark, idea or a-ha moment will come from.

Take the time to play, explore and investigate these creative urges. Be playful. Be inventive. This is what started me on my current path towards trying to abstract the figure.

It is always worth the time to act on your creative urges.

What helps me is to have a small table in the corner of my studio that is dedicated solely for the purpose of experimenting on small pieces with new mediums, ideas, techniques and styles.

While I am working on my current serious body of work, I am also taking time to play at my creative urge table. If I am waiting for a layer of paint to dry or, if I just need a visual, mental or physical break from a painting that I am heavily into, I can spend a few minutes playing at the table.

So, consider this post as encouragement and as permission for you to act on your creative urges in whatever way feels right for you.





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