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I am considering this piece the first of the “Ghosts” to be finished. And it got this way because I made mistakes all over the place with it. I took some major risks and really pushed myself to embrace abstracting the figure a bit more. But I think that’s what gives it its dramatic visual power. And, no one will ever know about the mistakes but you and me. {Smile}. © 2018 David Limrite

“Success is most often achieved by those who don’t know that failure is inevitable.”
Coco Chanel

Don’t Avoid Mistakes

During my Artist-in-Residency, A Roomful Of Ghosts, at the San Luis Obispo Museum Of Art, I have had to resist the temptation to play it safe with the work being created.

Why would I even want to play it safe?

The pieces are being created in full view of the public, so I want to make “good” pieces and I want to look good and professional while I make them.

I want viewers to “like” what I am doing.

I want people to be impressed with me and the work.

As a result, I want to avoid making mistakes at all cost. (I am not being serious here. I just want to make a point.)

The idea behind this project is to put process on display and make it accessible for everyone. And we all know that process can be messy.

The work being created for “Ghosts” is full of mistakes and missteps, which is a natural part of any process.

I think the mistakes, fixes, re-do’s and multiple attempts are part of the compelling aspect of these paintings.

It’s all out there on display.

The things that make an artist’s work interesting to others are often the very mistakes most of us are trying to avoid.

In this exhibit, it is important for me to constantly remind myself what the goals are for these pieces and what attracted me to my subject matter in the first place.

And, to NOT be afraid to make mistakes.

What is a mistake, anyway?

A mistake is just something that happened that you did not expect.

And it is not really a mistake if you choose to leave it in the painting. And remember, mistakes are just opportunities in disguise.

What is your take on mistakes? I would love to know.




Closing Reception:

San Luis Obispo Museum of Art | 1010 Broad Street, SLO
December 1, Saturday, 3-5pm





See the completed paintings.

Join me in celebrating the transformation from blank surface to completed pieces. I have enjoyed sharing this process with so many wonderful and diverse people from all walks of life and areas of the country, who came to discover, support and explore the beautiful creative process.

I hope to see you Saturday, December 1st from 3-5pm.

FYI, the last live painting days are November 29 & 30 (Thurs & Fri), and the last day to see the completed works is Sunday, December 2nd, 11am - 5pm. View the full Live Painting Schedule.


Santa Monica:

November 15 & November 16

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