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Nothing There At All”, mixed media on canvas, 54" x 24” © 2017 David Limrite

“The more one works on a picture, the more impossible it becomes to finish it.”
Alberto Giacometti, Artist

Work To Get Somewhere Else

Every piece that I create gets me somewhere else.

I try and remind myself of this every time I am painting. It keeps me moving forward. It helps me build momentum. It forces me to look toward the future.

And more importantly, it takes the pressure off of me feeling like every thing I create must be good, if not great.

And, it reminds me to not be so precious with my work.

I try and treat every painting that I work on as a stepping stone to the next one. Think about that for a minute. Doesn’t that kind of thinking just open the door to possibilities?

What am I going to learn from this current painting that I can try on the next one?

It’s all about present and future.

It’s all about moving forward.

It’s all about building momentum.

It’s all about the journey.

It’s all about learning, growing, being a better artist and making better art.

“Painting to learn” is one of the tools I use in my artistic practice that helps me achieve all of the above.

Try working on your next painting as a learning tool in order to get somewhere else.



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