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Some of the more abstract pieces that I have created lately were missing that emotional quality I love, so I tried to bring that back in this one.
I like it, but unfortunately, I lost some of the abstract edge that I have been working so hard to achieve. Maybe I will get it all on the next one.
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“Ideas are merely points of departure, the kernels from which greater units grow, the observations that trigger larger developments.”
Anna Held Audette, Artist

Prioritizing Your Projects

Having ideas for a single painting, a series of paintings or any type of art project is a wondrous thing. I am fortunate to have lots of ideas swirling around in my head and they are all jotted down in my visual journal, or else I would surely forget most of them. I am not sure where I get my ideas from but I thank my muse everyday for the ideas I receive.

So, how do I choose and prioritize which paintings and projects I will work on?

I get most of my ideas while I am painting, so I think it is important to be in the process of creating if you want to receive ideas. I write down every idea, good or bad. You never know.

I review my journal every month or so. This gives the ideas a chance to marinate. When I review my journal, the ideas that no longer resonate with me get deleted. The ideas that still get my juices flowing are the ones I seriously consider working on.

So, lets say that I have 3 ideas that I am seriously considering. Which one of these do I choose to work on next?

My main artistic interest has always been the figure, so I usually gravitate towards the ideas that serve my main interest.I look for ideas that will challenge me and that feel a bit risky. I always want to advance my skill, style or technique, so I take this into consideration when choosing a project. I love to work in a series format so I usually choose projects that lend themselves to being explored through several paintings, instead of just one. And, I try and choose the project that excites me right now, in the moment, and that makes me want to start creating it immediately.

Sometimes I will have 2 or 3 different projects going on at the same time. Usually one of the projects will take over my interest and attention. When this happens, I set the other 2 projects aside and focus on the one that has me in its grasp.








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