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Weekly Blog on creativity and what it takes to be an artist by David Limrite (artist, teacher, mentor & coach)


My favorite brushes that I am currently using. From top to bottom:
Princeton Select (Short handle - Filbert), Escoda Natural, Robert Simmons White Sable, Liquitex Freestyle (Filbert), Winsor & Newton Artists Acrylic (Filbert), and Millers Workhorse Interlocked Bristle (Filbert - Cheap Joes). © 2017 David Limrite

“Imagination is more important than knowledge.”
Albert Einstein

Looking Vs Making

When I was in art school (many, many years ago), I was so hungry for knowledge about how other artists painted, that I found myself spending more time in the library than in front of an easel.

As a result, I also found myself trying to paint like my art heroes, instead of learning how to paint like me. I became confused. My paintings were a mishmash of other artists' styles, and my artistic voice was nowhere to be found.

Thank goodness for one of my favorite instructors (and toughest critics). He saw what was happening and stepped in to rescue me.

He banned me from the library for the rest of the semester. He demanded that every time I had the urge to go look at other artists work (and try to emulate it), that I go paint instead. And he checked in on me every day. He was serious.

Much to my surprise (and horror), this was one of the best things he could have done for me, and, although I am no longer in touch with this particular instructor, I thank him to this day.

As a result of his forceful suggestion, I painted a whole lot more, got better at it, started having more fun, gained momentum, and ultimately discovered my true, artistic, creative voice.

If this story resonates with you, stop looking and start making.





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