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Weekly Blog on creativity and what it takes to be an artist by David Limrite (artist, teacher, mentor & coach)


I am continuing to work on these small 10"x 8” pieces until I feel like I have worked some things out, and feel more comfortable taking on some larger work. © 2017 David Limrite

“To sustain the same attitude long enough - to pull off a piece that takes months and months to do, gets tiresome, which means that I can’t worry about how I feel when I paint. I have to go into the studio and paint whether I feel like it or not.”
Chuck Close, Artist

Pretend Like You Know

If I am pushing myself and taking risks with my art, I often begin a painting unsure about what will happen. Sometimes I am even fearful, or timid, or filled with doubt about my ability to create what I want to create.

I do not like beginning a painting feeling this way, and the painting usually ends in disaster.

My best work happens when I am feeling confident, or I just want to have fun painting, or I want to explore process and I just don’t care what the result looks like.

So, when I find myself fearful or timid at the beginning of a painting, I try and pretend like I know exactly what I am doing. This allows me to feel brave and filled with intention. And more importantly, pretending like I know what I am doing, allows me to take more risks and paint more confidently.

This concept may sound crazy, but I am telling you, pretending like you know what you are doing at the start of a painting will help you dive right in and begin painting, while eliminating fear. And you will create much better work in the process.



P.S. Check out this video where I give a quick explanation on the difference between vine charcoal, compressed charcoal and nupastel.




Art Central | San Luis Obispo, CA

Next Sunday | June 11

I will be creating an original, mixed media drawing as I discuss my techniques and materials, and talk about the artist’s process. Talking my way through the drawing, you will hear my thought process and decision making in real time. I will also give you my take on such topics as... + CLICK TO READ MORE

Space must be reserved in advance.


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