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“Untitled”, 10”x 8”, Mixed media on wood. © 2017 David Limrite

“My art is a self-confession. Through it, I seek to clarify my relationship with the world and help others to clarify their own search for truth.”
Edvard Munch, Artist

Moving Forward

It is near the end of the year, which is a good time to reflect on this past year and plan for the new year. 

Here are 5 things that I do at the end of each year, in the service of my art, my art practice, and myself in order to help move me forward:

What worked and what did not work? Plan to make the necessary adjustments.

2. PURGE. 
Throw away any paintings or drawings you created that just aren’t working for you. You can tear up anything on paper and use the pieces for collage. And you can gesso over the paintings on canvas and use the surfaces for new paintings.

Establish regular daily or weekly studio time. Start now so you have a head start for the new year. Setting up a schedule is a must. It’s one of the best things you can do for yourself and your art. Give yourself the gift of regular studio time.

What would you like to accomplish with your art next year? Keep it simple. Do not overwhelm yourself with too many goals. Do not include things like “learn a new technique”. That has procrastination written all over it. Pick one or two things to work on, like loosen up, or paint with a limited palette, or work larger (or smaller), or be more productive, or focus more on process, or take more risks, or have more fun. And then work all year on that one thing.

Pick one thing such as procrastination, fear, distractions, self-doubt, etc. Just pick one thing and attempt to solve it. Your art will thank you.

Give ‘em a try. They can only help you move forward and build momentum.





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Explore contemporary figure drawing, painting and mixed media using graphite, charcoal, pastel, acrylic, and collage. Experiment with different approaches for developing the human form such as realism, expressionism and abstraction. Emphasis is placed on observation, structure, line quality, volume, composition, technique, experimentation, and originality. Discussions, art historical examples, and demonstration are all a part of the curriculum.

Students work from a model and respond and manipulate their chosen mediums to arrive at a dynamic and unique solution. The focus is on... + CLICK FOR MORE.

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