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First sketch in my new sketchbook. Mixed media on paper, 15”x 11”, Copyright 2016 David Limrite

First sketch in my new sketchbook. Mixed media on paper, 15”x 11”, Copyright 2016 David Limrite

“There is nothing more difficult for a truly creative painter than to paint a rose, because before he can do so, he must first forget all the roses that were ever painted.”

Henri Matisse

A New Project

I made the decision this week to start a new sketchbook project. I haven’t done one of these in a couple of years. I am not committing to creating one drawing a day. I am only committing to beginning. I decided to start in the middle of the book and skip around, rather than starting on the first page and going in order. Just seemed like the thing to do. Less pressure.

I am not sure what the direction, tone or mood of the sketches will be yet. I am hoping that they will be preliminary ideas for a project that will culminate in a performance/exhibit scheduled for 2018. More about that later. For now, I have started and it feels great.

I treat my sketchbook projects much like a large scale series or cohesive collection of images. Each page has a different drawing, However, all the sketches are bound in a book and become one piece. 

Each sketchbook has a theme or concept. 

One of the things I love about a sketchbook project is the freedom to try out ideas that might not be ready for a larger format. These smaller idea sketches often become larger, full scale projects. I can try out all sorts of concepts, techniques and styles. And then I get to turn the page and try something else.

I don’t worry too much about the sketches holding together as a series. This allows me to embrace the freedom to try things. My hand, skills and techniques create each image. So, no matter what I try, there will always be cohesiveness among the images.

I am excited about this new sketchbook project and I look forward to creating it and sharing it with you. I will definitely keep you posted. Stay tuned.



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