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David Limrite-Artist, Coach, Mentor, Teacher

“I Might Not See It Through”, mixed media on canvas, 48”x 36”, ©2014 David Limrite

“An unconscious merging of intuition, discipline, celebration and accident is what one hopes for.”
Fritz Scholder

10 things I have learned from revisiting an unfinished painting:

1. Never, ever, give up on a painting. Never!

2. The more art you make, the less precious your paintings become, and the more risks you take.

3. Challenge yourself and allow yourself to be challenged.

4. Get lost in the process.

5. Draw and paint relationships (shapes, colors, values), rather than things.

6. Detach from your subject matter.

7. Paint as often as you can. Momentum is a powerful thing.

8. Be slow to decide when the limits of your chosen medium has been reached.

9. Create for you, first and foremost. If others like what you do (and we secretly hope that they will),  then that will be a bonus.

10. Painting can be so much fun (if you do not take yourself too seriously). {Smile}

I would love to hear any ah-ha’s that you have learned while creating.

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