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Mixed Media Techniques and Explorations (Figure Drawing and Painting)

UNTITLED, © 2016 David Limrite

UNTITLED, © 2016 David Limrite


Although you will work from the figure, this workshop puts the focus on media and process. You’ll explore different combinations and techniques of painting, drawing and collage, resulting in a collection of marks, strokes and textures that reveal and celebrate the process. You will also participate in discussions about process.

Your working surfaces will be considered playgrounds where desire, chance, experimentation, risk-taking, media, layering and surface are all engaged in a process, thus, creating an exciting experience for each artist.

In addition to skill, you will also rely on accident, recklessness, curiosity and instinct.

You will be asked to remain open to your drawings, paintings and mixed media creations being about something you did not expect and also about taking you to places you did not expect to go.

This workshop is about exploring figure drawing and painting as a creative, expressive activity. The main goal is to encourage you to step outside your comfort zone. Your only expectation should be to give yourself the opportunity to learn something new and have a whole lot of fun.

There will be plenty of art making, demonstrations, critiques and both group and individual instruction.

If you are looking for a fresh perspective for your creativity, an energy boost for your drawings and paintings or, if you are just looking for a different workshop experience, then this workshop is for you.

Prerequisites: Basic figure drawing and painting.

I needed to take a new look at how I was working and find new direction.
— Flo Bartell > Encaustic Fine Artist

"The weekend was a reminder to...turn on my imagination. I know I will find more satisfaction, now. Thanks again for the environment you created, the information you shared, and your support. I will look forward to another workshop with you."

The Art Barn is nestled in this quiet, beautiful area of Arroyo Grande, CA (San Luis Obispo County)

The Art Barn is nestled in this quiet, beautiful area of Arroyo Grande, CA (San Luis Obispo County)


Arroyo Grande, CA | San Luis Obispo County


Limited to 9 artists


$465  |  SOLD OUT
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A simply amazing workshop and one that I look forward to taking again.
— Sharon Harris > Fine Artist

"...Your dedication to each artist, their progress and their work was not only engaging but encouraging. You gave us confidence and feelings of success in our endeavors. With the addition of your readings and quotes, your wisdom and teaching, we were enriched and inspired all along the way of our three days together."


At Time of Enrollment
Full tuition payment of $465 confirms your enrollment. 

June 1 – 22
If you cancel your enrollment between June 1 – 22, no worries. All tuition will be refunded less $115 (non-refundable, non-transferable deposit).

June 23
Thank you for understanding that no refunds are available on or after this date.

If the workshop is cancelled for any reason, the entire enrollment fee will be refunded. 

— Workshop Participant, Palm Springs Art Museum, February 2016

Fast pace. David kept it interesting. Great demonstrations. Had a great time!