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Abstracting the Figure

Copyright 2016 David Limrite

Copyright 2016 David Limrite


In this workshop, students will learn how to see, interpret, and use techniques in order to create looser and more abstract figurative drawings and paintings.

Students will be encouraged to let go of the figure’s “correct” representation and proportion and, instead, focus on shape, edges, color, value, texture, composition, juxtaposition, ambiguity, technique, and the application of materials.

Working from a model, students will learn how to see the figure in more abstract terms and be guided toward a more fearless, aggressive, experimental, and risk-taking approach.

Leave your expectations at the door and come prepared to not allow the figure to distract you from your abstract response.

Prerequisites: Basic figure drawing and painting skills.


$325 SLOMA Members | $375 Non-Members | SOLD OUT – Click to Wait List


San Luis Obispo Museum of Art | Central California

The workshop was eye opening, inspiring and full of energy.
— Jane Feil >

"[It] helped me push to another level of abstracting the figure. David's teachings of using the model as a jumping off point helps to abstract the figure even more."

I felt it was an extremely forgiving way to work the figure and to learn new processes.
— VK, Los Angeles

"I had never done an abstract figure now comfortable with the idea of abstracting the figure. I am far more comfortable now stretching and trying new ways to make art. The most useful thing I learned was to not quit! Seriously, I almost left early on...but I stayed and loved it! David is truly a gifted teacher besides being such a gifted artist."