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Thank You For Your Interest in ELEVATE: Artist Mentorship (LA)





Thank you for your interest.

Thank you so much for your interest in ELEVATE: Artist Mentorship.

I am looking forward to sharing all the details about this fantastic program for artists which will be held from February - May in Los Angeles. Whether you live in Los Angeles or might be traveling from a different city, you're welcome to participate.

We'll be releasing more details on Monday. Stay tuned!

For now, this short video captures my friend, photographer Brooke Shaden, and model Olivia Clemens helping me to realize the heartfelt creative vision I had for a photograph entitled "Sky's The Limit".

The video embodies the heart of the ELEVATE program:

Elevating You and Your Art. Collaboration. Creativity. Community.

I hope you enjoy it.

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Watch your inbox as we'll be sending you more details about ELEVATE: Artist Mentorship on Monday.

Here's to your creative vision,


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