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Praise for Coaching and Mentoring




I witnessed my confidence and determination strengthen throughout the process.
— Judi Pettite > Fine Artist

"My experience with creative coach, David Limrite, has been an extremely positive one. David understands the external and internal pressures of living a creative life – anxieties, quandaries, joys and accomplishments, big or small. David’s tenor is sincere; his inquiry and feedback are constructive, metered with empathy and care. ...I was able to get on back into a rhythm that took my paintings into a more substantive, deeper, richer place than if I hadn’t the reflections and support of a coach."

Through this process I was able to move quickly to find a clear direction with my work.
— Tina Farina

"I was very fortunate to have the incredible opportunity to work with David closely as my coach. He listens carefully and goes to the very  essence of what you are trying to accomplish. His ability to bring out the best in each of his students is truly remarkable. He encourages you to take risks, poses questions that really make you think, and provides an atmosphere of support.

His job is not to give me a roadmap, but to help me survey my own landscape and then to shine a light on what paths I most want to travel.
— Deborah Howe > Landscape Architect and Designer

David Limrite has been extremely helpful in getting me to prioritize my tasks. He has gotten me to examine my habit of taking on too many commitments, and is now helping me to assess how (or whether) each commitment serves my goals. He is respectful of my aims, and by asking perceptive, intelligent questions, helps me to clarify my thinking. David’s approach and focus have been a huge boon.

I feel so grateful and at peace now that I have had the privilege to work with him.
— Feona Jones > Classical Pianist, Singer, Songwriter

I highly, highly recommend him if you want the best of the best. David Limrite is an exceptional coach who gives you his undivided presence for each coaching session. He has really helped me channel my energy into a meaningful direction. I was struggling with not finding my power or my purpose in life. He guided me through the layers and layers of societal, family and cultural programming to reveal what my truth and purpose was. Since then, I have 100% uncovered the missing part of myself.

David has helped me to become more confident, focused and self-directed.
— Adrienne Silversmith > Bedford, NH

I tried several different ways to established myself as a professional artist but not with much success. I was confused and my confidence was low. Enter David Limrite. He has helped me to think about what I really wanted my career to be, set goals, and develop strategies to achieve them. He also is a great problem solver and when I present my personal obstacles to him, he knows just what I should do. When I have self-doubt he helps me to realize my strengths and talent. He is always genuine, concerned and makes me feel that I am not alone in trying to achieve my goals. I am so happy I found him!

I found it helpful to talk with someone who understood my roadblocks and dilemmas and who could, in a positive and supportive way, help me seek solutions.
— Flo Bartell >

I had reached a plateau. I wanted a sounding board, critique I could respect, and feedback about my creative process. David encouraged me when I needed it, we bounced ideas back and forth, and he critiqued when I wanted feedback on specific pieces. And we laughed a lot, too. I looked forward to our time together. David's experience and knowledge, his supportive approach, his willingness to share his own challenges, and his genuine interest in my progress made this mentoring experience a positive one for me. Happily, I am moving forward with a new body of satisfying work. And I am grateful.