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Above: Photo shoot for "Sky's the Limit" with photographer Brooke Shaden and model Olivia Clemens.


7 Benefits of Creating a Series

  1. Creating a series helps you communicate your vision with more depth and clarity. You have the privilege of exploring and investigating your subject matter, or idea, many times, which allows you to really get at the heart of what you want to say.
  2. Creating a series allows for more focused intention. With each piece you create, you narrow down the essence of your idea. Each piece motivates you towards the next one.
  3. Creating a series promotes cohesiveness amongst all of the pieces. This allows for more continuity and showcases a stronger aesthetic throughout the entire body of work.
  4. Creating a series allows for variations within all of the pieces. You have the luxury of trying new and different things with each piece. Your subject, theme or idea is the glue that holds the entire body of work together.
  5. Creating a series allows you to narrow down your process, style and working methods. And learn exactly what they are. These can include, among other things, medium, color palette and technique.
  6. Creating a series accelerates your artistic growth and momentum. Once you get started, there will be no stopping you.
  7. Creating a series provides an opportunity for you to forge a new and deeper relationship with your creativity.

Artists on the Early Interest List for ELEVATE: Los Angeles (February - May) are now receiving the Inside Scoop.

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