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ELEVATE: LA EIL | More Thoughts on Creating a Series




Above: ELEVATE Artist, Deanna Strachan, shares her experience of ELEVATE: Artist Mentorship.


More Thoughts on
Creating a Series


I am a big proponent of artists working in a series format. I have worked this way all of my artistic life and it has benefitted me, my creativity and my art tremendously.

It is important to identify what it is about your subject matter, theme, idea or concept that attracted you to it in the first place. It could be color, shape, symbolism, emotion, nostalgia or beauty, just to name a few. Once you have answered this question, it is important that you keep this in your mind throughout the creation of your series.

What is your intent in creating your series? What is the reason for it? It could be to evoke, represent, express a personal vision, explore, investigate, communicate, learn, understand, etc.

Working in a series format gives you a real purpose for creating your art. It allows you to focus on making art, rather than expending energy trying to figure out what you are going to paint next. Working on a series allows you to explore a single theme, idea, concept or subject matter from different angles and view points. You get to go deep with your theme and really learn about your subject matter.

Working in a series format allows you to more easily chart your progress. When you look at several paintings on the same theme, you can really compare and contrast, and see subtle differences, as well as, similarities. It is much easier to judge your progress by comparing similar paintings rather than while trying to view a scattered collection of completely different paintings.

Working in a series format lends a certain sense of seriousness to your art and to you as a serious artist.