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Are you ready to create a serious body of work?

Would you like help navigating the move from class (or workshop) assignments to creating a personal body of work?

Do you want the satisfaction of finding your personal voice and expressing it in a series?

Creating a cohesive series requires so much more than just putting brush to canvas or pencil to paper. Among other things, it requires intention, focus, purpose and clarity. A good coach and mentor can be an invaluable partner to artists in this process.

In addition to actually creating the work (which is no small task), artist’s mind management is an essential component of creativity.

This involves managing self-doubt, fear, procrastination, distractions and indecision.

I have also found that many artists benefit from additional support with perseverance, confidence, motivation, courage and self-esteem. This can be difficult to manage on your own.

A good coach and mentor can help artists navigate through the mental perils as well as the creative process en route to their true creative purpose.

As the coach/mentor of ELEVATE, I will offer ideas, suggestions, support and guidance to help empower and motivate artists toward inspired action and increased productivity.

All of these improved: habits, mindset, confidence, productivity, how I see myself, and setting boundaries so that I protect the time I need to work.
— Tamara Greenebaum
Artwork ©2016 Tamara Greenebaum


A mentorship program for an intimate group of artists who are serious about taking their art to a much higher level and who want to create a strong, cohesive and aesthetic body of work. Learn to create work that is meaningful to you with courage, passion, clarity, purpose and inspired action. The main focus will be to have you launch right into creating your series and assisting you in forging a new relationship with your art.

Module One

Explore and define what a body of work is, and choose your topic, subject, idea or concept

Module Two

Discover and learn what your process is

Module Three

Refine and develop your body of work

Module Four

Final critique and suggestions for further study, development and direction

What’s Included

  • Three months of Artist Mentorship which includes:
  • Four in-person group meetings (Los Angeles County)
    • Saturdays, 10am-4pm
      • February 25
      • March 25
      • April 22
      • May 27
  • Six online group meetings (60 minutes each)
  • The calls will be recorded and available for review
  • Private Facebook Group to facilitate group discussion, learning and sharing
ELEVATE: Artist Mentorship session in progress  ©2016 David Limrite

ELEVATE: Artist Mentorship session in progress  ©2016 David Limrite


Benefits of THE Program

  • Receive critique and feedback about your creative process
  • Become more self-directed and focused
  • Communicate your vision with depth and clarity
  • Create a cohesive body of work on a single theme/idea/concept/subject matter
  • Establish goals such as: how many pieces, size, theme/idea/subject, media, surface, color palette, style
  • Accelerate your growth and momentum
  • Experience a concentrated period of time working on a series of cohesive pieces
  • Receive support and enjoy the camaraderie of working with a group of like-minded artists

Benefits of the online meetings

These online meetings are an essential and invaluable component of this intense program. Further, many of the participants will have similar concerns, and sometimes it is easier to learn by observing someone else in the same situation.

The online meetings:

  • Allow us to stay connected between in-person sessions
  • Allow me to teach, coach, lecture and lead discussions on topics relevant to the group
  • Provide accountability, support, motivation and inspiration
  • Provide answers to the questions that arise during this process
  • Allow critique of work in progress
  • Help keep you focused on your goals
  • Allow you to hear from and learn from the other artists in the group


Benefits of the Facebook GrouP

  • Allows us to communicate and share with the rest of the group
  • Allows you to ask questions, communicate with me between online meetings and in-person meetings, and check-in with each other
  • Allows you to upload images of your work and work-in-progress and receive feedback
  • Enhances the camaraderie of the group

This is a big improvement for me in confidence, mindset, and how I create.
— Cynthia Alexander >

"The Elevate process brought into focus for me some choices I need to make about where to go next in my work, particularly if I want to work in series. ...I liked seeing ongoing work posted online."




David Limrite is an experienced teacher, coach, mentor, and professional, working artist. During the past 30 years, he has devoted over 10,000 thousand hours to fostering and inspiring students with his knowledge and wisdom. His skill as a professional artist is undeniable and his generosity in sharing his insights is unparalleled. He understands the challenges that face artists and can help artists meet them head on with his aesthetically critical eye and laser-focused guidance.


I...knew that David would be the right person to lead me...
— Katharine Gould

"I was very engaged as an artist but had never created a series... I have now begun a series which has taken me to creating without a model and to more emotional content. It was freeing to get away from drawing from the model and [begin] drawing from my imagination."