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David set me free!
— Jane Feil >

In my studio, I easily become stuck and often do not know what to do next on any given piece. After in-depth discussion about my paintings..., I felt as if I could finally move forward with my work. I am thrilled that I was able to conquer my fears and begin to make some progress with my paintings. I am continuing with weekly, private critiques with David to keep my head and hand in the right place.

Get clear, specific and helpful suggestions about your current work, past work or entire portfolio.


  • You are currently making art at home or in your studio and would like professional feedback.
  • You are not interested in taking a class but would still like feedback from an experienced instructor and working artist.
  • You are currently taking a class but feel you are either not getting the feedback you would like or think you could benefit from a second opinion.

I know what it’s like to battle self doubts and second-guessing.
— David Limrite

I know what it’s like to be in the studio for long periods of time, alone with your thoughts and your work, creating, making decisions, taking risks, trying stuff, correcting, re-working, liking what you are doing, not liking what you are doing, questioning, battling self doubts, second-guessing and sometimes not knowing if what you are doing is close to working or not working at all.

Receive thoughtful insights and laser-focused guidance in order to help you be a better, more productive and creative artist.



  • Clear, specific, helpful suggestions
  • Thoughtful insight
  • Laser-focused guidance
  • Impartial and objective advice on your current work, past work or entire portfolio


I offer you:

  • A fresh perspective
  • Contributions to your creative growth
  • Help creating stronger, more aesthetic work
  • Help meeting your artistic goals
  • Help moving forward with a stronger sense of clarity, purpose and focus
  • Help being a better, more productive and creative artist

I can’t tell you how much I appreciated all the things he told me and how deeply they resonated.
— Judy Zimbert, Painter >

After twenty years of painting and many, many classes, workshops and teachers, I hit yet another wall alone in my studio. David’s visit to my studio was a mental housecleaning for me. I am so grateful to have shared my concerns and be instantly understood. Without judgement, David guided me to find myself in all the clutter of conflicting voices in my head. One cannot make this journey in complete solitude, and David’s visit was exactly what the doctor ordered. 

Gain a fresh perspective, and impartial and objective advice on your work.

Here is what is included in a YOUR CREATIVITY MATTERS session:

Private, in-studio, one-on-one critiques, insights and guidance for visual artists

At your home or studio (If you do not live in the San Luis Obispo area, see below for options)

Based on time and your main focus of interest, individualized feedback may include:

  • Open, honest and in-depth discussion of your work
  • Q & A time
  • Evaluation and critique of your current work, past work or entire portfolio
  • Clear, specific, focused and direct suggestions for improvement
  • Technical help (color, value, composition, technique, etc.)
  • Evaluation of your studio set up, practices and materials
  • Help with specific pieces
  • Help with subject matter and style
  • Guidance for future work
  • Encouragement, inspiration and motivation
  • Notes recapping our session emailed to you within approximately one week following our session

 $175 per hour (2 hour minimum)*

*An additional $50 travel fee applies for artists whose studios are beyond a 40 mile radius from my studio in Atascadero, CA (maximum 60 mile radius)


Contact me to book a YOUR CREATIVITY MATTERS private, in-studio, one-on-one critique session now.

This was the impetus I needed to move forward with enthusiasm and confidence.
— Susan

Our session together was extremely useful to me. David...understood my desire to break free of the self-imposed constraints I habitually encountered when creating a new painting. He encouraged me to open up, to play and to try new methods with new materials, as a way to find my own voice through exploration. His ability to see and understand my problems and communicate an organized and effective solution was priceless. I credit David for encouraging me to go beyond what I already know and discover what could be. I am grateful to him for his honesty, his friendship and his gift of perception.