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I am trying so hard to be more painterly, and not rely so much on line. I love line and am trained in drawing. So… I am challenging myself to lean into the brush stroke more. 10”x 8”, acrylic on canvas. © 2019 David Limrite

“A poem may be worked over once it is in being, but not be worried into being.”
Robert Frost, Poet

A Wrong Turn

When I set out to make a new painting, I always try to approach it with the possibility of success.Every painting I start has the potential to be fantastic. To be the best thing I have ever created. So, I always try and predict success when I begin.

However, sometimes, during the process, the painting takes a “wrong turn” and, as a result, it fails.

I have learned that, for me, that “wrong turn” was just a single brush stroke that fell flat, or one color mixture was not quite right, or one edge was too sharp.

The point is that the “wrong turn” was more than likely caused by one small simple thing that I did not execute very well.

So… I have started to pay more attention to what is happening on the surface of my paintings as I work on them.

And… As a result, I am starting to be able to identify those “wrong turns” at a point where I can do something about them before the painting goes off the deep end.

A failed painting could, just as easily, have been a success if not for one brush stroke. 

The trick is to focus on the process of making and not so much on the end product.



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