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Weekly Blog on creativity and what it takes to be an artist by David Limrite (artist, teacher, mentor & coach)


David Limrite-Artist, Coach, Mentor, Teacher

“Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known”.

~Carl Sagan

I am keenly aware of the challenges that artists face. Especially when it comes to creating a series. Creating a cohesive body of work requires so much more than just putting brush to canvas or pencil to paper. Among other challenges,  it requires intention, focus, purpose and clarity.

In addition to actually creating the work (which is no small task) another essential component of this process is artists mind management.

This involves managing self-doubt, fear, procrastination, distractions and indecision.

I have discovered that artists also need additional support with perseverance, discipline, persistence, resilience, confidence, motivation, courage and self-esteem.

A good coach and mentor can be an invaluable partner in this process. A good coach and mentor can help artists navigate through the mental perils, as well as, the creative process en route to finding their true creative purpose.

If you think that you might be interested in receiving help with your creative process, please check out my new program ELEVATE, which has been designed to help artists create a serious cohesive body of work. You can read all about it here.