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Doing my teaching thing at last weekends workshop. So much fun.

Doing my teaching thing at last weekends workshop. So much fun.

“I had never seen such a great musician as that soloist. He looked very ordinary, but there was some inner fire in him that felt like a volcano.”
Ravi Shankar

Moving Forward

I just completed my second 3 day workshop, in the last two weeks, with another terrific group of talented and dedicated artists. During the workshop, I got to thinking about forward movement. As a teacher, coach and mentor, one of my responsibilities to my students is to try and help them move forward. To the next level. Whatever that is for each one of them.

We should always try to be moving forward by looking, seeing, thinking, reading, watching, creating, learning and taking risks. There are two things that keep me moving forward.

The first is trying to create on a regular basis. I never make much progress when I occasionally paint or draw. Moving forward requires momentum. And momentum is only gained when you are creating. You must be creating as often as you can.

The second is by taking risks. Often. They don’t always have to be big ones. When you take a risk, it’s either going to work or it’s not. You have to be comfortable with either outcome if you want to move forward. The important thing is to take risks as often as you can. You will always learn something. And learning moves us forward.



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